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What happens when you give up and stop smoking and start vaping?

According to the NHS and multiple other health organisations around the world, smoking is the biggest preventable cause of death. 

With so many harmful toxins entering our bodies through smoking and second-hand smoke, the introduction of vaping is a welcome alternative to help people quit smoking for good. 

Today, this mass-produced e-liquid is now the most popular and effective way to help smokers reduce their nicotine intake and, in some cases, stop smoking entirely. 

A little-known fact is that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. 

However, not everyone is aware of the differences between smoking and vaping and just what happens when you quit smoking and start vaping. 

Switching from smoking to vaping 

If you’re thinking about cutting down on the number of cigarettes you smoke daily, you want to change your lifestyle, you need to quit for health reasons, or you want to save money (let’s face it, the cost of a packet of cigarettes is astronomical), then why not make the switch to vaping? 

An effective tool to help smokers gradually break their smoking habit, reducing the nicotine intake, effectively managing withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting, and offering you immediate health benefits, the benefits of quitting smoking and vaping instead are quite extensive. 

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Switching from smoking to vaping 

It’s important to note that you will experience cigarette withdrawal when switching to vaping.  

However, the benefits vastly outweigh the side effects. 

Within the first 20 to 30 minutes, you will notice a difference, with your pulse beginning to slow and your blood pressure beginning to drop to normal levels. You will also feel your hands and feet warm up as your circulation improves. 

After 8 hours, your oxygen levels will start to improve, and the carbon monoxide from smoking will decrease in your body. 

One of the most frequently asked questions is, “Do your lungs heal when you switch to vaping?” – the good news is, within two days, you will start coughing, which is a sign your body is clearing the mucus and other toxins from your lungs. Your bronchial tubes will relax, and your breathing will become easier and gradually improve as time goes on. Carbon monoxide levels will also now drop to zero, and you will feel like you have more energy as a result. 

In addition, during this time, your sense of smell and taste will also improve, and everyday scents and flavours will come alive again. 

In weeks 2 to 12, your circulation will start to improve, and the blood will be pumping around the heart much better and nicotine-free. You will also be in much better physical health. 

3 to 9 months from switching from cigarettes to vape, lung function will increase, meaning coughing, wheezing, and breathing problems will decrease. Your stress levels will also begin to dip, and your body will feel more relaxed. 

After a year, the risk of heart attack is almost halved. You also significantly reduce your risk of throat cancer and lung disease. 

Within five years, arteries and blood vessels begin to widen, reducing the chance of stroke and cervical cancer in women. 

In ten years, lung cancer is halved, and there is less chance of mouth, throat, and pancreatic cancer. 

These health benefits are all incredible, and all due to making the switch from smoking to vaping. 


Quitting smoking completely is extremely challenging. Nicotine is addictive, and going cold turkey has a very low success rate. 

Nicotine patches and gum provide people with a 50% higher chance of successfully quitting, whereas vaping offers a higher chance again. Gradually allowing you to reduce nicotine intake over time, helping to reduce: 

  • Cravings 
  • Increased appetite 
  • Mood swings/Irritability 
  • Fatigue/Insomnia 
  • Poor concentration/Headaches/Dizziness 
  • Anxiety/Depression 

You also have more control over your smoking habit, as with vape liquid, you can choose your nicotine strength, which means you can manage your nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms. 

Switching from cigarettes to vape – side effects 

There are still various side effects to be aware of when switching from smoking to vaping.  

These include: 

Coughing – this is a regular symptom of quitting smoking and is your body’s way of removing mucus and toxins. 

Headaches – part of withdrawal from nicotine and will subside quickly and over time as your body gets used to the reduction in nicotine levels. 

Dry throat – often caused from coughing and wheezing. 


There are various types of vapes in the market for you to choose from, from vape bars, pod devices, and pens, most of which are compact, convenient, and an effective alternative to cigarettes. 

Twice as effective as patches or gum and 95% safer than smoking cigarettes, vaping helps to lessen the urges, and you have the added bonus of a range of e-liquids to choose from. 

Note: Vaping is only suitable for those over the age of 18. 

Our team is on hand to provide you with specialist advice; email – we’d be happy to help. 

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